A Little Catch Up…

It’s been a couple of months since I last updated my blog, and I must admit I feel a little rusty. I have been focussing more on creating content for my YouTube channel as I have gotten into experimenting with editing, which has become a great hobby for me now.

But, I do miss my blog I can’t lie. When I look back through post’s I created in 2014 (when plainandsimple was born) I thrived with creativity in my posts. But, now it feels like I lack ingenuity when it comes to here, and have transformed that spark more into YouTube, so if you have been here since the beginning and miss my old post’s, perhaps I can persuade you over to my channel?

But, if you’re here to simply read fashion/beauty and life then I am here to provide. Although, I’m not suggesting that I have lost all spark and creativity to put on my blog- I’m still going to produce interesting (I hope) and mindful content, but I will just add a little bit more time to my channel.

Now that’s out the way let’s get on with what you’re really here for! A well and good catch up…

Firstly- a fashion update:

Screen Shot 2018-02-09 at 15.53.20

Screen Shot 2018-02-09 at 15.53.34

Screen Shot 2018-02-09 at 15.53.47

This jacket is what dreams are made of, let me tell you, it is so unbelievably fluffy and matches perfectly with any outfit. This item is a real style piece, and will keep you warm during this forever long bad weather.


Screen Shot 2018-02-09 at 15.58.07

Another style piece for me is this tie over top from TopShop, it is so chic and can be styled up or down depending on the occasion.


A content update:

Over on my channel I have been sharing a lot of videos which may be beneficial in some way to you:

A Flawless skin routine without foundation- CLICK HERE

A review of yourgoodskin, taking part in the 28 day challenge- CLICK HERE

Screen Shot 2018-02-09 at 16.16.17

My Holy Grail Makeup- CLICK HERE

Screen Shot 2018-02-09 at 16.18.15.png

My Morning Routine- CLICK HERE

Screen Shot 2018-02-09 at 16.21.32

So that’s pretty much what has happened in the past couple of months over on my socials, I hope you enjoy my videos/ content, be sure to subscribe to my channel HERE to stay updated or follow my Instagram HERE x


WEEKLY VLOGS: Living In London and Being A Fashion Student

The past few weeks have been a whirlwind and I thought that I would bring you along on the action. I have uploaded two Vlogs to my YouTube channel which if you have not seen then I will link them below!

My first shows you a behind the scenes of this photo-shoot, along with what it is like being a fashion student and living in London. CLICK HERE to see.

Processed with VSCO with b1 preset


The next vlog which you can see HERE shows you a more in-depth behind the scenes of the photo-shoot below, in addition to my gym routines and healthy food recipes!

Processed with VSCO with x1 preset



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Minimalistic, Dewy Makeup: GLOSSIER REVIEW

Halloween has been and gone, and you most probably do not want to think about doing your makeup again for the next month.

So, with this in mind, I have collected a few of my favourite items to share with you, a minimalistic dewy look which only takes around 5 minutes.

If you want to see a tutorial of this look, then CLICK HERE.


Without going into detail of how I created this look, (as you can see it by clicking the link above,) I thought I would share a review of my favourite products from Glossier.


Beginning at the base, the Glossier skin tint is a perfect combination of glowy and natural. It provides a thin layer of coverage to your skin, making it appear slightly tinted, however it doesn’t cover any blemishes or redness.

I’m not complaining though as it adds a freshness to your skin, like nothing else I have tried before. Normally skin tints cling to my dry skin, but this one… well, it was so  hydrating.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Then to the famous cloud paint in beam… now normally, I am not one for blushed cheeks. However, this adds a gorgeous glow to the skin as it’s not too pink for my complexion.

It blends out smoothly onto the skin leaving no pigmented spots!

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

The holoscope highlight, adds a natural glow to your skin. It’s not an overwhelming highlight, its extremely moisturising to the skin as it contains a circle of moisture in the middle.

Screen Shot 2017-10-30 at 15.17.59

Now, onto my favourite product that has ever existed… the glossier lip gloss! It truly lives up to its name as it is the glossiest gloss that ever did GLOSS.

It glides perfectly onto the lips, making them appear bigger and also lasting for hours!

Out of everything, this is the product I would recommend buying to everyone, and if you fancy a shop, feel free to click the link below and grab 10% off!

HERE FOR 10% off

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WOW, do I love a good shop?? I try to explain to my mum that, YES I need all of these clothes, YES they are necessary, and YES it’s for my blog. Think I am fooling myself more than anyone…

SO, here I am again, with yet another huge try on clothing haul, which you can view by clicking HERE!!

But first, let me show you my favourite outfit from my haul which is;

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

I am living for the relaxed throw together style at the moment, and we saw a lot of that at New York and London fashion week.

So here is how to achieve that look…

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Take a simple white tee, grab yourself some scissors and cut the top just below the boob, depending on where you would like it to sit!

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Then grab some simple track pants, these ones are from beginning boutique, which you can find in the description box of my video HERE…

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Get yourself an oversized hoodie and some sliders, and you are set to go!

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

A simple, but stylish way to say, fashion through comfort!

Oh, and before I leave you, are you liking my new locks?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I hope you like my video, and if you do then please let me know what you think in the comments. Also, if you want to see more haul videos from me then don’t forget to hit the like button!

A Unique Gift Guide

When it gets to this time of year, e.g.: the in-between stage of seasons, its difficult to know what to gift people. You can no longer take them on lavish days out under the sunshine, (unless you want to get drenched in a rainstorm and sit in wet clothes all day), so you are forced to give them the same pair of black socks and pants you do every year.

So, what do you do?

Well, after stumbling across the website, UncommonGoods and finding a vast range of unique gift ideas, all my problems are solved… well, this problem anyway. The reason I am fond of this website is because of their “Uncommon Mission”, where they strive for sustainability! They aim to make all their products, recycled and organic. I mean, who doesn’t want to save our environment?

Anyway, here are my favourite gift ideas for friends, girlfriends, boyfriends, and even yourself.

UncommonGoods ideas for friends

Screen Shot 2017-09-15 at 14.31.30

The first is a Charm Necklace, which is perfect for a friend, as it shows how much you appreciate that person in your life and also adds a hint of girl power, which everyone loves to see.

Screen Shot 2017-09-15 at 14.39.43

The next idea is a Grow Your Own Cocktail Kit! Seeing this gift blew my mind, as I have never seen this idea before. This gift will take time, but it is something your friend will definitely always thank you for and remember, (especially if they’re ever in need of a cocktail at 1am when there are no shops open).

UncommonGoods for Men

Screen Shot 2017-09-15 at 14.50.14

A, My Life Story So Far book is a perfect gift for a Dad, boyfriend or Grandad to inspire them to capture their memories. Or, not to forget what you asked them to do for the 100th time.

Screen Shot 2017-09-15 at 14.51.47

A Be Yourself Paperweight, because everyone, even men, need reminding of how special they are! And trust me, sometimes men act like they don’t need items like this, but they will treasure things like this forever. AND its a handy paperweight.

UncommonGoods for girlfriends, or even yourself

Screen Shot 2017-09-15 at 15.01.24.png

This Long Distance Touch Lamp is by far my favourite item I have come across. Each person sets up their lamp via Wi-Fi, then reaches out and touches the lamp whenever they want to let their loved one know they’re thinking of them. HOW BEAUTIFUL IS THAT?

Screen Shot 2017-09-15 at 15.09.49

If you’re used to buying your partner jewellery, and have exasperated every option in Pandora, then maybe something a little more practical like this Bedside Phone Vase would be a good choice. Every girl loves flowers, and every girl loves their phone… put them both together and you have this magical creation.

And lastly, personalised gift ideas:

Screen Shot 2017-09-15 at 15.18.41

A Custom Morse Code Necklace, is a great gift for any loved one. It adds something special to a gift, something which is only between the two of you. No one can ever give them something similar, so it is extra unique.

Screen Shot 2017-09-15 at 15.24.54

My final gift idea is a, Custom Pet Print and Finger Print Necklace, special for those who love their pets. I really loved this gift, it keeps your pets close even after they’re gone. You can even buy it for yourself… after all, you deserve a treat too!

So, that brings me to the end of today’s post and unique gift guide. I hope you enjoyed and I have given you some inspiration for gifting your loved ones!

My Latest Makeup Looks

It’s been a busy couple of weeks and I haven’t been able to update my blog with my latest YouTube shenanigans. So, I thought I would quickly share with you my latest looks I have created to sum it all up!

Firstly, a 5 minute makeup look is an essential in anyones life. Who has time to perfect their makeup at 7am before going to school, uni or work? Well, definitely not me. Therefore, I have created an easy look which can be done in 5 minutes, with limited products!

It is also perfect for beginners, so if you are new to makeup then this will definitely benefit you as I show you a step by step guide to how I apply makeup.




My next tutorial is something a little more exciting. If you like to experiment with your look or if you are going to a festival then this is 100% for you. Inspired by an amazing makeup artist on Instagram named Rowisingh, I created this colourful burst of makeup.




And, finally I have a very exciting video which is a half face of drugstore makeup, and half face of high-end. This video shows you lots and lots of dupe products, also comparing the W7 palette with the ABH modern renaissance.

See if you can guess which side used £400 worth of makeup and which side used £80? Leave a comment down below before you watch the video!





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Style Inspiration: LOOKBOOK

Inspiration plays an enormous part within fashion and styling, whether you are following the latest from Kendall or Gigi, or maybe looking back to the 90’s to jazz up your wardrobe.

Today, I am bringing you my latest inspirations straight from the Farfetch style guide article of, 26 summer outfit ideas inspired by fashion influences. 

Although, my clothing doesn’t scream “It is 30 degree’s save me from the heat” like summer should, it unfortunately is not 30 degree’s in the UK and I would like just the opposite than to be saved from any heat possible, please.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

My first outfit incorporates those loose-fitting trousers for, if it does finally get warm (fingers crossed), but also this bright yellow top to add a sense of vibrance and summer.

I don’t know what it is about wearing yellow… it just makes me feel that little extra happy.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset


Processed with VSCO with c1 preset




My next choice of attire is something on the edgier side to fashion, a kind of sporty spice vibe. However, these trousers along with the patterned selves add a little excitement to your style.

You can loosen the trousers for a slight breeze, and even take off the jumper to pair it with a loose cami-top: its super versatile.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Again, add that touch of yellow with these sliders for a flare of colour to any outfit.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset




My final look is inspired by a warm summer night. It is casual enough for an evening sat with friends, but dressy enough for a date. These jeans are now a staple to my wardrobe as they just create something extra, than plain denim.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Pair them with this black cutout top and a pair of white sliders and you’re good to go! Effortlessly.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

However, I would make sure you have a jumper with you as well, the UK weather is very unpredictable. (Do I sound like your mum yet?)




Keep a look out on my Youtube channel for a clothing haul going up soon which will include many more items for you to see, and you do not want to miss it! View my channel and subscribe HERE.